Advantage of Yours Corporation

Multifaceted development centering on real estate business

Established as a comprehensive utilization agent of real estate in Yoga Setagaya Ward since 1974

Business development focused in Setagaya

We are introducing rental properties.
Yours Corporation manage and mediate rental properties mainly in Yoga Setagaya Ward. We aim to become a friendly and professional real estate agent, not only to Japanese customers but also to foreign customers.

We evaluate vacant rooms, free of charge.

Professional Management of Rental Properties
We take care of properties in Tokyo and Kanagawa, along Tokyu Denentoshi Line and Yoga Setagaya Ward.
Property occupancy rate is 95%, as of end March 2017.
Owner's valuable asset, we will provide new placement soon after vacancy.
For new owners

Why do we need foreign customers now?

Foreign customers relieved
We have English and Chinese speaking staffs at Yours Corporation.
We also offer concierge service to customers, for smooth start of Japanese life.
We continue to politely respond to customers, from the time of moving in and while staying in the room, so the owner can lend the room with peace of mind