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Cost to move in

(1)Security Deposit

Security Deposit is "money" that the owner keeps in advances, in order to make it easier for resident to pay the non-paid rent or repairs required when the rental housing is vacated.
In principle, the security deposit will be refunded to the resident after the cancellation, but if there is any delinquent rent or if there is something that must be repaired by the residents' cost, the amount will be deducted from the deposit and refunded to the tenant. The house cleaning expenses of the room will be borne by the tenant so it will be deducted from the security deposit. Since the owner has an obligation to restore wear and tear that results from natural aging of the property or from normal use of the property, confirm with the management company beforehand when contracting, details on what part will be borne by the tenant This will avoid future trouble.
The security deposit in metropolitan Tokyo area, in general, is 2 months of rent.

(2)Key Money

Key money is the consideration to pay as a gratitudeto to the owner. The key money in metropolitan Tokyo are, in general is 1 to 2 months' rent. The key money itself is customary, there are some regions that do not require key money, and some regions call it differently. As a background, it was very difficult to rent a room after the war and for such times it was the paid to pay heartfelt gratitude to the owner, although there are pople who complain about this custom. Because it is part of the important revenue sources for the owner, there are many rental properties that require key money. As you can see from this concept, the key money will not be refunded to the tenant even after cancellation.

(3)Other Expenses

The insurance will cover troubles such as fire and water leakage, and it is obligatory to make a contract with an unsurance company at the time of contract.
The price of insurance premiums is 15,000 yen ~ 30,000 yen for 2 years and the cost depends on the size (m2). Payment will be made at the time of contract.
At the time of contract agent fee, up to one month's rent, will be required to the real estate agent for mediating services.
  Some brokerage firms charge a fee of 0.5 months or free, but when you are looking for properties that customers are not readily able to recall, the property itself is old or it is far from the station, a brokerage fee is free for campaign and 0.5 There are many cases to make it for months.
The rent is paid "prepayment" as a rule. For example, if you move in March, you will pay the prorated rent for the duration of March and the rent for April at the time of contract.
Some properties offer special campaign like "Free Rent"! Visit the actual room to feel the atmosphere and carefully consider distance from the station, . age of the building etc.

Key Exchanging Fee

Tenant will bear the cost of exchanging the key of the new room. This is to avoid troubles with pre-tenants, illegal invasion due to key takers etc. It will cost from 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen, depending security device.

Joint Guarantor and Guarantor Company

Joint Guarantor

If the tenant loses payment ability due to problems such as unemployment or sickness, or if the tenant becomes out of contact, it is necessary to avoid such risk as non-payment. Therefore it is common to have a "joint guarantor" in the sense of insurance. The joint guarantor carries legally equal responsibility as the contractor, so it is common to assign a relative. However, most foreigners are not able to have a joint guarantor. Foreign customers are recommended to rent properties that can use guarantor companies.

Guarantor Company

Guarantor companies have develped rapidly in recent years, its rule differs depending on each company.
Some guarantor companies require guarantor person and some require emergency cotact person. The difficulty of the screening will change according to the rules, so we recommend you to check with the management company for details.

Room Search

There is no

What is the most important thing about your room? It is very rare to find an ideal property that suits all your criteria, such as "near the station", "new construction", "good sunshine", "city center with cheap rent", "with a large living room". What is the most important? You need to priotize conditions. A compromise in a good sense is necessary. Visiting the rooms should be limited to 2 to 3 one day. If you view too many in one day, there are good things for each and many people can not cecide. Before you start searching, we recommend that you rank the most desired conditions.


In the lease contract please note following breakdown,
the first month (prorated) + next month's rent + security deposit 2 months + key money 2 months + agency fee 1 month =6 months + α cost first.
Of course there are cases in which security deposit, key money, qgent fee are not so much. For instance, if you rent a room with a rent of 80,000 yen, 480,000 yen may possibly be required.
It is generally said that rent is within 25 to 30% of monthly income, in order to live a comfortable life.


Denentoshi Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, and JR Yamanote Line are the most popular railways to the city center. When living around such popular railway line and if you wish to lower the rent, there are chances you might find a suitable room if slightly compromisings years of construction and distance from the station. We will give you proper advice!

(3)Floor Plan and Structure

There are various structures such as wooden structure, steel frame structure, reinforced concrete structure, steel frame reinforced concrete structure for rental property. In Japan, "apartment" and "corpo" are mostly wooden, steelworks structures. And "mansion" has an image of steel frame structure, reinforced concrete structure, steel frame reinforced concrete structure. As the structure becomes firmer, it is natural that there will be a difference in the rent. If you wish to avoid trouble of 'sound' which becomes issue frequently, wooden structure and steel frame structure will not be a preferable choice.
Newly built properties tend to attract people in Japan and rents are high naturally. Rents are lower for older buildings, but recently some old properties become renovated like a newly built one and some install new water plumbings to ensure a comfortable living circumstances. We recommend that you take a look at the room and consider from various viewpoints.
Floor Plan varies depending on the number of people staying, whether you are a single, a couple, or a family. If you are a single person, one room · 1K · 1DK · 1LDK will be suitable layouts. If you look for a room for two or more people, then 2K or more. For families with children, 2, 3 LDK or more would be ideal.
Naturally, as the size becomes wider, the rent will also be higher. So choose the right floor plan considering the rent you can pay every month and try to make a good decision.


There are property facilities and room facilities.

From the viewpoint of crime prevention, many people require the property with "Autolock Entrance". "Delivery Box" is also a popular requisite, but it is not so popular in apartments in general. In addition there are other different facilities such as Internet, Cable TV, a loft, an indoor washing machine space and a balconyare, so it is necessary to prioritize such facilities.


Surrounding environment is an important factor, too. For example are there convenience stores, supermarkets, rental DVD shops in the neighborhood? A quiet park, a jogging coures nearby? These environment details are very important to ensure your comfortable life.

 From the viewpoint of crime prevention, there are many people who require " auto lock"on the . Also, although the property on which "Delivery Box" is installed is also popular, there are many in condominium rental apartments, and it is the present situation that it is not popular in general apartments and condominiums. In addition to that I think that there are various conditions such as Internet and cable TV can be used, there is a loft, an indoor washing machine storage place and a balcony are essential, so it is necessary to prioritize such facility relations Become.

From Application to Contract

Now you decid which one you like ti take. Then next step is Contract.
We will explain you all the steps from Application to Contract.


Please fill out the necessary information in the "Application". It is not contract, it is a letter of intent at this stage. Please carefully fill in the contents and submit it to the real estate company.


When we receive the application form, we will share the information with the landlord for screening purpose.
Then the guarantor company will examine the application from various aspects such as occupation, work place, annual income, past due history of cashing etc. This review may take 1to 3 days, and you will proceed to contract when you pass this screening.

(3)What to bring to Contract

In addition to the initial fee, following documents will be needed at the time of the contract.

  Identification card (passport, student card, driver's license, residence card etc)
  Joint guarantor's consent form
  Revenue Proof
  Certificate of seal impression etc

Once necessary documents are ready, we will proceed to the contract.


Contract will be done at our office. Please visit our office with necessary documents. (transfer dlip, if payment is made in advance). "Important Points" is explained at the time of contract face to face. The whole procedure would take about an hour. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.